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Doesn't drop items when deploying to Scripts folder

ccfsccfs Posts: 3 New member

When we deploy changes from a database to a Scripts folder containing a Visual Studio solution with sub-projects, any objects to be dropped aren't handled correctly.

Instead of deleting the .sql file for the dropped object and removing the reference from the .sqlproj, the contents of the .sql file are removed leaving a zero-size file. The object still appears in Visual Studio.

We have to delete the file and reference ourselves.

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    sam.blackburnsam.blackburn Posts: 224 Gold 2
    We've done some work in this area recently.  We believe this should be fixed in SQL Compare 14.1.5, which you can get by enabling frequent updates from the Help menu.  Does this solve your problem?
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    ccfsccfs Posts: 3 New member
    Good morning Sam,
    I've tested this and can confirm that SQL RedGate Compare 14.1.5 does now delete the dropped object files rather than leaving them as zero-length.
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