Alert is not raised when Report Service Is stopped

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Using Redgate monitor on a Windows server 2016 (OS Build 14393.3274 (1607) ) with Microsoft-IIS/10.0 and .NET 4.7.3062, Monitor database is  MSSQL 2017 14.0.3223.3.
I am monitoring an SQL SERVER 2017 14.0.3162.1 with both Power Bi Report server (BPIRS) and SQL Report Server (SSRS) installed.
When Their Service Stops, there is no alert raised.
They are both running on a VM which also using the same AD Account with full access in those both server and SQL.
On a side note: in order to install SQL monitor on IIS 10 had to remove compiler version.
these lines ...
<providerOption name="CompilerVersion" value="v3.5" />

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    It turns out that this happened because Microsoft changed SSRS 2017 to no longer be associated with a SQL Instance, whereas prior it had to be during the installation.

    There is a new alert under Machine level alerts for 2017+, and the old alert will be left as is for previous versions.
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