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chm limitations

bn2huntbn2hunt Posts: 5
edited March 24, 2009 10:06AM in SQL Doc Previous Versions
I am trying to run sql doc 2 on 311 databases creating one large .chm file. However when I try to do this it will create the document but I can't view it. If I create smaller files on a subset of the databases it works the most I have tried so far is 100 databases.

I want to create a schedule task to create the documentation once a week but this is stopping me from doing this. It works for the other file types but I was hoping for a chm file. Any ideas on getting this to work on all the database?



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    I have logged your comments as a feature request for better support for CHM and large numbers of databases. It will be considered for the next release of SQL Doc although we currently have no timescales for this.
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