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Inconvenience with (re) registering SQL search on 'controlled desktops'.

At my company, software installation is controlled by the 'DeskTop Central' package.
Which means, we are not free to just install or update software as we wish.

Reproduction steps for the problem I ran into
   - Have a working SQL server 2017 installed
   - Use 'DesktopCentral' to install Toolbelt Updater 10-06-2019
   - Use 'DesktopCentral' to install SQLPrompt
   - Be very happy for a while
   - Now install SQL server 2019
   - This means I need to (re)run the install(ers), because SQL search is not registered for 2019
   - I Re-run the installer (using 'DesktopCentral'), 
           It says 'SQL search already installed', I can not deselect it.
   - 'DesktopCentral' does not provide way to deinstall the software.
   - I can not manually de-Install the software because I need to be administrator.
   - I can not 'continue' with the installerWithout added new components, none of which I need.
   - Continue WITH new component, does not register SQL search for 2019
   - Manually triggering the updater does not work, because this requires elevation

End result, I can not (conveniently/easily) register SQL search for SQL 2019

   in the installer application, provide a way to re-trigger the registration process for 'already installed' components.. This would work in my situation, because the Installer IS run with elevated permission.


Bas M.



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