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Synonyms not identified as different

Comparing two databases that contain synonyms similar to the following

schema 1:

CREATE SYNONYM [synSample].[InsertSummary] FOR [dbOne].[dbo].[InsertSummary]

schema 2:
CREATE SYNONYM [synSample].[InsertSummary] FOR [dbTwo].[dbo].[InsertSummary]

Why aren't these highlighted as a difference?

We're using the SDK to update a database and this change wasn't noticed by the SDK. We've confirmed that SQL Compare 8 also doesn't show this as a change in the UI.



  • Options
    There is an option which is set by default ( IgnoreDatabaseName ). If you remove this from your compare options the difference should be detected. The equivalent option in Compare 8 is "Database and server name in synonyms" in the Ignore section

    The decision to make this option default was taken because old versions of compare used not to detect these differences.

    Hope that helps
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