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SQL Compare 14 crashing right after Activate/Trial popup closes

I've just installed SQL Compare 14 (and removed and re-installed 1x due to this problem).

On my first load of the program I was able to select two similar databases and run a comparison, and drill down into a few results.  I selected 1 different object between them, then clicked on the Project Options icon to see what kind of options were available before I tried to generate a script... and SQL Compare crashed.

Now when I launch the app, I get the Trial/Activate prompt, and as soon as I choose to Continue Trial, I see the outline of a new window being drawn for a split second, then the app crashes.

Is there a data folder somewhere storing settings I need to wipe out to restore first-run conditions and retry this?  Otherwise I'm stuck unable to open it.




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    Most of the UI state gets stored in the registry, in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Red Gate\SQL Compare 14\UI.  My best guess is that your last-saved project is broken in some way that might be causing the application to crash on startup.

    Did you see a dialog allowing you to send a crash report to Redgate?  We might be able to narrow down the problem if you included an email address with the crash report.  Feel free to contact support@red-gate.com so they can retrieve it.
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    jbdaddyjbdaddy Posts: 2 New member
    No crash dialog.

    I managed to get back into the app by changing the value of HKCU\Software\Red Gate\SQL Compare 14\UIFormLayout\Saved value to 0 and restarting

    The app still "reliably" crashes after loading a database comparison between two large SQL projects and then clicking the Edit Project button, etc.  No dialog/crash reporter, just a short flash of window, then app is gone.
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