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Suggestions are broken in Release

Suggestions are broken in several instances in

Suggestions are offered when a literal string is input. For example, I've just typed the string 'DB', when I hit the space bar to continue, the suggestion "dbo" is inserted in place of my typed string.

I use the AT TIME ZONE clause dozens of times a day. When I type my time zone (Central Standard Time), suggestions are offered alphabetically, and when I hit the space bar to advance to type the word "Standard", the suggestion "AUS Central Standard Time" is inserted. 

Please capitalize the word "AT" also...

This has been broken for some time, but when using the unicode cast, "N", an extra single quote is added to the end of the string. when a single quote is typed For example, when I type N' the terminating ' is added making N'' without the N present typing another ' will just advance the cursor. With the N present, another single quote is added. Furthermore, a suggestion is offered and the space bar replaces my string of N'DB' with "dbo"

This all started in some fashion with ranked suggestions which work terribly when the space bar is configured to add the suggestion, as mine is.  Get rid of this feature, even when it works, if I mistakenly select a suggestion that I don't want, it appears at the top of the list again and again from then on.


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