Can I compare results from different Memory Profiler runs


I just purchased the product and am still learning it. I tried to search the forum, but it timed out on me... so you get a new post :).

I'm trying to track down an elusive memory leak in my app. I would like to compare the number of class instances and the total space consumed between my 10 minute run and my 20 minute run to see what is leaking. Just wondering if you've already built support for this or if I need to compare each class one at a time.

- Doug


  • Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 New member
    Hi Doug,
    Except for the "comparison" column in the all objects panel and the "new count/removed count" columns in the all classes panel, which shows the deltas between the current snapshot and the previous, there isn't much in the way of comparison.

    If you export the results as XML, you could also use the tool I wrote to report deltas on any two sets of results. You can FTP that and give it a try if you want to have a look: ...
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