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Product Feedback and challenges

I'd like to start by saying thank you for creating such a useful tool. It can be frustrating to work on projects where each dev has their own copy of a database, and at some point we need to merge the changes into one master copy. This is a very promising product but my simple comparison and deployment faced some challenges on my end:

- It keeps complaining about fields already existing (if it did compare properly this should not have happened)
- It keeps saying duplicate primary key idx_id. This is the name of an index created for the id field, and it is named the same for each table. I had to exclude all the tables using this index from the deployment.
- It complains about how there can be only one id field with auto increment. This was for a table with 4 fields (one with AI id) vs 3 fields (without id), it did not create the AI id. I had to create it manually.
- It failed to deploy a change with a calculated "virtual" column.  It said bad mysql syntax. 
- I was able to deploy 1 table change. Upon rechecking  the changes, it finds the table different just because the field order is different. See the screenshot attached.

- It needs a verbose mode with more descriptive errors. When it errors out it just shows an "X" and a simple error like "field id already exists". But which statement or table caused this error?
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