Push after commit not possible

I just wonder how to push a change to remote repositiory. According to a video and the documentation, after commit a blue bar shout appear where a „Push“ button is located. This blue bar doesn’t appear at my side. Is there somthing additional to configure (e.g. remote URL)?



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    Does your git repo already have a remote configured?

    Assuming you followed this process - the push button should appear:

    1. Create your remote repo
    2. Clone remote repo locally
    3. Link to local repo
    4. Make some commits

    Now you should have a push button.

    However, if you have just done the following:

    1. Created a local repo without a remote
    2. Linked to S~QL Source Control
    3. Made some commits

    In this scenario you will not see a push buttong because SQL Source Control does not know any information about your remote repo.

    Bottom line - you need to set up your remote repo outside of SQL Source Control. Once this is set up, SQL Source Control will be able to push to it.

    A test: Can you run the following from the command prompt?:

    C:/your/repo> git push

    If you can, and you have some commits locally that have not yet been pushed to the remote, SQL Source Control should display a push button in the "Commit" tab. However, if that command does not work, you should not expect SQL Source Control to work either.
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