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SQL Prompt Tab History file order

I love Tab History and use it a lot. Is there a way to change the order of files displayed? They used to be most recent on top but a recent update has now grouped them and the default order just doesn't work for me. The groups are (in order): Yesterday, Last Week, Older, Today, This Week, Two Weeks Ago, This Month, Last Month. Seems like they should be Today, Yesterday, This Week, Last Week, Two Weeks Ago, This Month, Last Month, Older. Hopefully, this can be changed in a config file somewhere as I don't see any way in Options. Or give us the ability to go back to the old way of ungrouped and most recent on top. Thanks.


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    dhardydhardy Posts: 4 Bronze 1
    Actually, I just noticed that the order of the groups on the Closed tab matches what I need but it is not the same on the All Tabs tab. I can just use that instead of All Tabs.
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    Hi @dhardy

    Thank you for reporting this. This is a bug that has been fixed and will go out in the next release. For reference, the bug number is SP-7851.


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