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Disable a single migration from a set of migrations


I'm using SQL Change Automation to handle our database deployments. During development, I've created a number of database migrations. How do I disable one migration so it isn't considered when deploying to a database. Basically, I'm offloading the running of the particular migration to a DBA since the DBA needs to do some manual work on the database to support the deployment anyway.  Can I delete the particular lines from the DeploymentOrder.json file?



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    Hi Albert,

    To clarify, is your requirement to prevent that single migration from deploying *after* having created the Release Artifact?

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    AlbertWongAlbertWong Posts: 7 New member
    No, I would like to disable the single migration prior to creating new release artifacts. I tried removing the migration reference from DeploymentOrder.json, but SQL Change Automation displays an error that it expects the migration but it can't find it.
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