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How Do I Control SQL Prompt/SSMS Startup Options

I'm a long time SSMS user, but new to SQL Prompt as my company just got me a license. I would like to prevent SQL Prompt from opening the files I worked on previously. Is there a way to do this? I always have to close all the files it opens before I can start working. 

Also, is there a way to disable SQL Prompt temporarily without having to uninstall it?

My version is

Thanks in advance

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  • Mac_FMac_F Posts: 35 Silver 1
    Accepted Answer

    Hi Bob,

    Thank you for your questions regarding SQL Prompt.

    To answer your first question. You can disable the Tab History, so that the previous sessions tabs do not open when SSMS is opened.

    To do this. You can navigate to SQL Prompt menu -> Options

    In the options menu, you can navigate to 'History' and un-check 'Enable tab history'

    You can find more information on Tab history here:

    For your second question, the way to turn off SQL Prompt in SSMS is to log out of the license activation screen.

    You can do this by navigating to SQL Prompt menu -> Options -> Manage License

    You will want to sign out in order to deactivate SQL Prompt

    To reactivate SQL Prompt, you can use the same navigation path to sign back in.

    I hope this helps

    Thank you,

    Mac Frierson | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software
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  • TomWTomW CambridgePosts: 108 Gold 1
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    Hi @Bob_Agresti

    I'd follow on from what Mac said and add that you can keep Tab History enabled, but you can uncheck "Restore open tabs when SSMS starts" to stop the tabs from automatically reopening.

    Hope this helps.

    Software Engineer for SQL Prompt
    Redgate Software


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