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Issue with Azure DevOps Agent

Hi Folks,

I have two VM's that are used specifically as Local Agents for Azure DevOps.  One is my primary, and one is a backup.
On the backup, though it works, I get the following warnings:

Executing the powershell script: C:\agent\_work\_tasks\RedgateSqlChangeAutomationRelease_c1177c17-3934-4005-ba89-a4549fe4f0a1\3.2.0\RunSqlChangeAutomation.ps1
##[warning]AuthorizationManager check failed.
##[warning]Could not find any suitable versions of SqlChangeAutomation from any registered PSRepository
New-DatabaseConnection, SQL Change Automation 4.0.19294.12888, Copyright © Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2019

Note, that neither agent has the "toolbelt" installed.  They are just agents.  Both have 4.0.19294.12888 installed.  I can't find any difference between the two, yet my backup agent gets this warning.

It should also be noted, that I also tried manually updating the powershell package with the -AcceptLicense flag, but that did not seem to help.  Also, PowerShellGet version is 2.2.1.

Thanks, Greg

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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    This means that it can't get updated versions of SQL Change Automation from the Powershell Gallery, I don't think -AcceptLicense is the cause here. This is working because it is using the last version that you've managed to download.
    Maybe there was a recent change in this server that caused this? Perhaps a change in the Powershell Execution Policy?
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    gregfiggregfig Posts: 27 Bronze 2
    Thanks Sergio, you are correct.  That machine did have some issues in PowerShell that needed to be cleaned up.  That seems to be happening more and more these days (that's a Microsoft knock, not a Red-Gate knock!) :)
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