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SQL Prompt Semicolon Duplication

I'm using SQL Prompt in both VS 2019 and SSMS 17.9. In both environments, when I "Insert Semicolons" it adds a semicolon to the end of every statement, whether there is one there already or not. I now have a statement that looks like "CREATE TABLE (...);;;;". Obviously I would only want one semicolon on any statement. Is this a bug or a config issue?



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    Hello @JRiedemann ,

    I've just tested this feature in using a simple CREATE TABLE script and it worked as expected using the default options. There were no duplicate semicolons inserted even when there were semicolons already in the script. Can you  please provide a sample script that reproduces the issue on your end? Also, are you using the default SQL Prompt options as well as the default formatting style? If not, can you please share your options so I can try and reproduce this? I didn't see anything related in the release notes but might be worth upgrading to just in case.

    SQL Prompt download link:


    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz

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