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SmartAssembly 7.1 has been released

Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
edited October 17, 2019 1:15PM in SmartAssembly


SmartAssembly now supports building applications on Azure DevOps. See Using SmartAssembly with Azure Pipelines for details.

Merging assemblies others depend on is now possible using a new ForwardWhenMergedAttribute. See Merging assemblies others depend on for details.


  • SA-1361: Azure SQL Database is now supported by SmartAsssembly. See Configure database connection on Azure Pipelines for details.
  • SA-1889: It’s now possible to deactivate SmartAssembly using the command line. See Deactivating for details.
  • SA-2223: Attribute ForceObfuscate can now be applied to interfaces.


  • SA-2185: Application's assemblies are no longer locked while project is open in SmartAssembly.
  • SA-2209: WPF window's size, with ResizeMode set to NoResize, is no longer affected by processing the application with SmartAssembly.
  • SA-2213: .NET Core runtime config is no longer copied when the output assembly path is the same as input assembly path.
  • SA-2217: "Missing table" exception no longer occurs when creating a new database during first command line execution.

Other changes

  • SA-2218: Added a splash screen on SmartAssembly startup.
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