Error linking database to source control - git exited with code 128

we've been using sql source control on multipleservers and workstations for a few months now.
we have one developer who cannot link any database to source control

every time he tries, we immediately get an error

git exitedwith code : 128
cloning into c:\users\xxx\appdata\local\red gate\sql source control 7\workingbases\ at5qaxey.f4j...
fatal: invalid path '/cygdrive/c/windows/system32/c:\users\xxx\appdata\local\redgate\...

any ideas? we're trying to figure out why the /cygdrive/ bit is in the path (especially as the slashes are the other way round) and has prefixed the correct path

we've checked the environment vaiables and path string - no such entry exists


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