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SQL Prompt is underlining what is not necessary (SSMS 18.3.1)


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    Hi @gvarol@corelogic.com

    The green underline is from our SQL Code Analysis feature that is integrated with SQL Prompt. These are static code analysis rules that are run on your queries which can be useful in checking routines, such as functions and procedures, for 'code smells' that require code itself to be analyzed.

    You can turn this feature off by unchecking Enable Code Analysis in the SQL Prompt menu.

    You can also investigate this further by reviewing the list of code analysis issues and the rules which caused the code to be underlined.

    If you feel the analysis is incorrect or there is something wrong with the feature, could you please provide more details for us to investigate?

    Here is the documentation for working with SQL Code Analysis:


    I hope this helps. Please let me know if there are any questions.

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz

    Product Support

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