Move SQL Clone data and log files

jakob72jakob72 Posts: 8 New member
We have a several testing environment where the data and log files of the SQL Clone databases were created on the wrong disk (due to the default location of the SQL Server instance was not set properly).

Is there any supported way of moving the files of these clones without having to re-clone every database? I tried running an ALTER DATABASE statement to move the files, but that left the database in a "pending recovery" state



  • SQL Clone doesn't have a supported way of moving clones to a different location. The recomended way is to delete the clones and then create them in the new location. If this solution doesn't fit you, it's possible to do it by changing SQL Clone configuration, but you should contact the support for that, since manually editing the configuration database may leave it in an incosistent state.
  • jakob72jakob72 Posts: 8 New member
    OK, thanks Alex

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