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Azure Data Generation

Can SQL Data Generate data for Azure SQL Database, Azure Managed Instance, and Azure SQL Data Warehouse?

What about a supported version of SQL Server on a IaaS VM?
Ryan P. Casey, MBA

Azure Data Solution Architect


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    Hi @rpcasey001 - I have just verified that SQL Data Generator can connect to and insert data into an Azure SQL DB - though of course the two types of supported authentication in the tool are Windows and SQL Server Auth, so obviously I had to connect via SQL Auth and it worked fine!
    I would imagine this is true for MI as well (but unfortunately don't have access to one to test!), however I don't believe Azure SQL Data Warehouse is supported.
    As for IaaS VMs running SQL Server, this should function absolutely fine, as the tool supports up to SQL Server 2019: https://documentation.red-gate.com/sdg/getting-started/requirements

    Let me know if I can help further! :smile:
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