How to activate software on a remote machine with no GUI?

I have a Deployment Suite for Oracle license, which I believe entitles me to install the Schema compare tool on various machines.

I want to install the Schema Compare tool on another machine where I only have access to the shell. When I try to activate the software using:

SCO.exe /activateserial

I am told that all entitlements are claimed.

Is there a way to associate my Redgate Id via the command line? 

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  • Sarah BSarah B Posts: 70 Silver 1
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    You're correct, the Deployment Suite for Oracle is licensed per user, you can use it on multiple machines.

    If you remove your Redgate ID as a user, via the customer portal it won't affect your already licensed machine.  I appreciate that this isn't an ideal workaround and we're doing a lot of work on how this works so hopefully, this will be something that's improved in the future.

    If you have any further questions, just let me know.
    Sarah Beckett| Customer Support| Redgate Software
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