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Bug or something

m0l0xm0l0x Posts: 2
I encounter, lots of problems with SQL Prompt. Any help will be greatly appreciated

1 st problem
When we try to write join condition , sql prompt does not offer any join clause (in features demo , it does)

(two tables has FK relation)


2nd problem

And even when you write [Alias]. It doesn’t even list columns, instead it lists all objects in DB.


3rd Problem

When you try to Layout SQL with SQL Refactor , it raises an error,saying that underlined codes has error , which does not .


4th Problem

Sql prompt does not offer parameters declared as seen below (but this problem sometimes happen, some other time it offers parameters declared)


5th problem

Sql prompt does not give any usage information of functions


Thanks in advance


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    Brian DonahueBrian Donahue Posts: 6,590 Bronze 1
    I'm sorry that you are seeing so many problems with SQL Prompt. And as you have noticed, the problems are often of an inconsistent nature. This is because the parser that we use was developed for multiple applications such as SQL Compare and Data Compare and it probably isn't optimal for the way that SQL Prompt has to present information about a schema dynamically.

    Sometimes refresing the database schema helps. Other times, it's a matter of writing more of the query out before the proper candidates become available.

    Quite a lot of parser problems will be fixed in SQL Prompt version 4 because the text parser will be enhanced especially for SQL Prompt. We should possibly see an EAP build available in April and a release in June.
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