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How to set IgnoreSystemNamedConstraintNames option in Visual Studio 2019 SCA extension

After creating the project SCA identifies all the system named constraints as differences and then creates a migration script for these differences. 

I also need to ignore Sequence START WITH value from comparisons.

Can somebody assist me?


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    Sergio RSergio R Posts: 610 Rose Gold 5
    Hi Thomas,

    This option is not supported in SCA for VS:


    Unsupported options

    Options that are "locked" to ensure deployment reliability

    A number of SQL Compare options would, if switched on, cause scripts to be generated that might not work within all of your target environments. In order to ensure that a given migration can be successfully executed against all of your databases, there are a number of options that are locked to the Off setting:

    • Ignore constraint names
    • Ignore system-named constraint names
    • Ignore DML trigger order
    • Ignore certificates, symmetric keys and asymmetric keys
    • Ignore check constraints
    • Ignore foreign keys
    • Ignore identity properties
    • Ignore nullability of columns
    • (Data Compare) Ignore underscores in object names
    • (Data Compare) Ignore spaces in object names
    • (Data Compare) Include indexed views
    • (Data Compare) Exclude identity columns
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    ThomasHThomasH Posts: 9 Bronze 1
    Thanks Sergio  :)

    That means I will have to follow best practice and add a name to each default constraint. I was just hoping to avoid doing it for a proof of concept that I am busy with.


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