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Why do users show up after deletion

I have taken a datase instance and removed all users and logins except for sa.Connected to instance with SA and deleted users. Cloned the database and restored it and then run SQL Automation on a different instance where the users no longer exists. Go through the steps to create a new project in SQL Change Automation and it wants to delete the users that have already been deleted from the database and SQL server logins. Have cleared the log files and restarted the SQL server. I noticed the users are in the Shadow copy of the database after I run check for changes.  Any ideas?

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    Cat_BillCat_Bill Posts: 7 New member
    Figured out my own problem.

    Users were given  access to model database. When they were deleted from SQL Logins, they were not deleted from the model database. When the shadow copy of the database is created it uses the model database and then seems to be updated by the main database it is a shadow of.
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