Cannot remove clone

We once made a clone on a developers SQL instance, and the developer removed the instance, without removing the clone first.
I now cannot remove the clone, because the system reports 'Agent offline'.
How do I solve this problem?


  • Assuming you mean you can't remove the clone using the UI, I've previously resolved problems like this by deleting the clone's record from the appropriate table in SQLClone_Config database (noting that there is 'soft delete' trigger on the tables).
  • owen.hallowen.hall Posts: 52 Silver 4
    edited September 24, 2019 12:19PM
    Hi Gert,
    This isn't a situation we've seen before, but Chris's advice is the best course for now. If you need help deleting the file physically, it'd be easiest to raise a support ticket with [email protected] - it should be straightforward enough, but there might be some back-and-forth.
    We'll look into adding a way of deleting clones in this state without having to database-dive.
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  • Gert_VlotGert_Vlot Posts: 12 New member
    I disabled the soft-delete trigger, removed the record physically from table clones, but the clone does not disappear from the UI, and I'm still not able to remove clone and image. I follow the suggestion of Owen to raise a support ticket.
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