SQL Data Compare 14 Command Line on Linux

SQL Data Compare 14 has now been released and a new beta feature is that the command line interface can now be run on Linux, using a Docker container. The only thing you need to do to use it is to ensure Docker is installed on your Linux machine. The SQL Compare 14 container image is now live on Docker Hub.

As a basic example, you can use the following to compare two databases using the SQL Compare container image.

docker run --rm redgate/sqldatacompare:14 /IAgreeToTheEULA \
    /s1:my-server\\sql2019 /db1:database1 /u1:sa /p1:my-password \
    /s2:my-server\\sql2019 /db1:database2 /u2:sa /p2:my-password<br>
Here is a link to a page on our documentation site to help you get started.
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