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High CPU on monitored server

filbellfilbell Posts: 5
edited February 24, 2009 10:56AM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions

I am using SQL Response to monitor 3 SQL 2005 SP2 2 node clusters, everything is looking good on 2 of the clusters (Enterprise Edition), but on the third cluster (Stanadard Edition, setup as a replication distributor) the CPU load goes from less than 1% to an average of 10-20%. If I remove the server from the SQL Response interface, the CPU usage drops back to normal.

The SQL Response Alert Repository has been installed on a seperate dedicated server.

Each node has 2 x Intel Xeon duel core CPU 3.6GHz and 5 GB ram and is not under any sort of heavy load.

I have seen this problem raised in previous topics within this forum but there does not seem to be a resolution.

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