Check in status code:500 problem

I have a project, that seems to be connected to git OK, it sees  my local changes and how they differ from the repo.  When I go to commit it gets to the step "Sending files to source control server"  and then it fails with "Error request failed with status code: 500"      I can't seem to get past this.   Any tips would be welcome!


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    Good Morning!
    We've seen this error come up before with our Source Control for Oracle tool and it turned out the cause was that the user was using gitlab and the https protocol had gotten disabled on his gitlab's settings. If applicable, can you please check if the http protocol for your git repo had gotten disabled somehow and enable it if so?

    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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    tskolnicktskolnick Posts: 2 New member
    Thanks... I will check on that, and let you know if that was the cause.
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