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Schema-Model Folder in SSMS Add-in

I'm trying out the SSMS add-in with a a SCA project which I set up in VS 2017.  When  I review the available files under "Migrations", I do not see the Schema-Model folder:

Is the folder created but not accessible via the add-in's UI, or is it not created?

Thanks in advance!

Best Answers

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    jackdewinterjackdewinter Posts: 13 Bronze 3
    The schema model is created but not visible in the add-in. When you generate migrations you will see a message about the schema model being updated.
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    SloopJohnBSloopJohnB Posts: 25 Bronze 3
    Thank you!  That is very helpful to know.   My project is source controlled, so I need to make sure that the relevant items in the Schema-Model folder are manually checked out before attempting migrations.

    I may end up just continuing to use Visual Studio for this, but I would like to try to use SSMS because it seems more natural for me to do my work there instead.
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