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I get the following error on my latest release using continuous automation to deploy package.

PatIrvinPatIrvin Posts: 4 New member
edited September 10, 2019 9:06PM in SQL Change Automation
Nothing that I am aware of has changed from previously successful releases.  this is an agent job in azure devops release.  The specified value for the Source parameter is neither a valid database connection string nor a path to an existing NuGet package file or scripts folder:

The package does exist in the specified location and package path has not been changed.  Has anyone had this error or experience solving it?


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    Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We've just released an update to the SCA PowerShell module 4.0.19254 that should hopefully resolve this issue.

    In the previous release we tried to remove the 20 character limit for prerelease strings in NuGet packages, we did this by updating to the latest version of Microsoft's library for creating NuGet packages. Unfortunately it appears NuGet packages created by the new library are not always read by older versions of the library. To minimize the impact of this change we have decided to revert it for now.

    Unfortunately as some NuGet packages may have been built in an invalid state they may need to be rebuilt in the latest version of SCA in order to be released. We apologize for the obvious inconvenience this will cause. We're looking into what went wrong and how we can prevent this happening again.
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    PatIrvinPatIrvin Posts: 4 New member
    If running change automation from azure devops using an agent installed on server what steps do I need to take to ensure I have the latest SCA Powershell module?  Thanks!
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