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"Open SSMS" button broken in VS Extension

With the release of the VS Extension 4.0.19246.10324, the "Open SSMS" button no longer works.  You get the "Usage" message from SSMS on how to open SSMS at the command line.

Note:  I am using SSMS 18.1, so this might be an SSMS 18 issue only.  I know you guys have had some issues with SSMS 18.

Thanks, Greg

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    Ben_WoodBen_Wood Posts: 13 Bronze 3
    Hi Greg,

    Thank you for reporting this. I have managed to reproduce this issue, which appears to be caused by SSMS 18 no longer accepting authentication arguments.

    We are working on a fix for this which should be included in the next release of SQL Change Automation.

    Thanks, Ben
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