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Where did my snippets go? - multi-user issue

dei401dei401 Posts: 5 Bronze 1
edited September 6, 2019 3:04PM in SQL Prompt
I work in an environment in which is convenient to use two accounts: regular, which allows me Internet access, and the other one, which allows me changes to production systems but no Internet access.

I have configured SQL Prompt options to check a common folder, for example:

I can see the snippets in the folder when I log into SSMS with either account and use SQL Prompt - Options - Snippets, however I can only invoke them from the account I used to create them. (they also do not show on the "list actions" menu when I press CTRL)

Below are some captured screens showing examples.

Snippets _000 and _1H are in the configured folder and can be seen in the Options window by both users, but are not available to the current user:


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