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Email notification for error report does not list the application

I recently upgraded from SA6 to SA7.  When I get an email notification that an error has been reported from an application processed with SA7 the subject simply states "An error has been reported."  For applications processed with SA6, the subject states "An error has been reported in <Application Name>".

Also, the SA7 email body only contains the generic text:

"An error has been reported, and an exception report has been uploaded by one of your users.
This email is automatically sent to you each time an exception report is uploaded."

The SA6 email body had more details regarding the application name, version, and build date.

Is there a way to set SA7 to use the more detailed email notification for error reports?

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    Russell DRussell D Posts: 1,324 Diamond 5
    Ok, this is due to the way input parameters are added on the command line. SmartAssembly creates a new settings with an old configuration and a new input. Unfortunately, some settings are ignored during this process (like error reporting). Is it possible to not use the input assembly parameter for now?
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