Deploying a database package to SQL Server through Octopus & TeamCity

I am implementing CI/CD for SQL Server Database through Redgate software and TeamCity. I manage to Build and push the NuGet Database Package to Octopus. I can see the NuGet package in Library section of Octopus. But I am facing issues in deploying that package to SQL Server. I cant find the Step Template "Deploy a NuGet package" in Octopus process section. I have also tried "Deploy a package" step template but it didnt worked.I am following this guide.

Any Help will be highly appreciated


  • Hey Jeet,

    Deploy a Package is the correct first step - you have to specify the Package ID

    After the deploy a package - then you would use the Redgate - Create Database Release step template to create the update script and report, and the Redgate - Deploy Database Release step template to run the update script.(probably with a Manual Intervention or Review step in between)

    Hope that helps!

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software
  • Thanks for your reply. I followed the same steps. I got following error

    August 29th 2019 11:26:17
    Import-DatabaseBuildArtifact : The file or folder is not a valid build artifact:
    August 29th 2019 11:26:17
    'C:\Octopus\Applications\DatabaseAgainDeploy\Databases Test\MyPackage\1.0.21_1'

    I am getting error in create database release process, sharing the error and other configurations in attachment. 



  • uwmjeffuwmjeff Posts: 1 New member
    I have the exact same scenario and exact same problem.   The package produced by TeamCity doesn't seem to contain the Redgate items the Octopus step requires.
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