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ActivateSerial Issue

We had a server previously registered with activateSerial that WAS working, and we decided to test out the uninstall / reinstall process for a deployment to another server as a manager wanted us to test it out. These are the steps we did:
  1. Deactivate Serial
  2. Uninstall Red-gate sql compare
  3. Reinstall latest v13 of sql compare
  4. Use to check the box enabled
  5. Run the activate serial
This is where the problem occurred. The serial would not activate. We kept getting:

    E:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Compare 12>sqlcompare /activateSerial:************************
    SQL Compare Command Line V12.3.3.4490
    Copyright c 1999 - 2017 Redgate Software Ltd
    SQL Compare: expired, edition standard
    Activating license
    Please login to your Redgate account to start a trial or configure licensing. Visit in your browser to continue.
    Exiting since no valid license was found

We even then tried logging into the UI with a red-gate ID. That did not help either. Can anyone suggest how to fix this? We had a deployment for Thursday night that is now going to have to be delayed.



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