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Delete Warning Bug in SQL Prompt

vsha041vsha041 Posts: 6 New member
edited August 25, 2019 12:31AM in SQL Prompt
I have two delete statements like this:

delete from table1;
delete from table2;

When I just select and run the first query, I get the warning below.

But when I select both the statements and run the query, I get no warning and it just executes both statements.
SQL Prompt Version -

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    squigleysquigley Posts: 237 Gold 1
    Good Afternoon!
    Just wanted to give you an update that I was able to replicate this on my end. I will be escalating this to the developers and will let you know of our next steps.


    Sean Quigley | Product Support Engineer | Redgate Software

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    TomWTomW Posts: 108 Gold 1
    Hi @vsha041

    Yes, we shipped a fix for it in 9.5.15 - sorry we didn't let you know! Glad it's all working for you. :)
    Software Engineer for SQL Prompt
    Redgate Software


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    vsha041vsha041 Posts: 6 New member
    Hi Squigley, looks like it is fixed. I just updated to the latest version - and now when I select both statements it says the correct message - You're about to execute multiple DELETE statements without WHERE clauses. You can close it.
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