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Command Line / C# Application

Hi, My current scenario is as follows:

- DB is in Source control (GIT)
- 2 Environments (Live | Dev)
- I currently have around 20 DBs in production all of which should have the exact same schema as what is in source

At the moment I'm manually comparing and updating the Live DBs using a combination of SQL Compare and SQL Multiscript... Unfortunately, the way we work, there is a good chance on a day to day basis someone is going to come in and make amends to a live DB schema (normally throw away tables/index, etc). 

Instead of running the compare 20 times to compare each DB in live against source I'd like a way of automating it so either I can schedule a job or run a program which will essentially output schema comparison reports for all DBs. Does anyone have any example of doing something similar or any advice on how i'd accomplish this via the CLI or a .NET application? 


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