SQL Doc does not allow "Run as a different user."

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I'm attempting to use SQL Doc to document a database, but can't start it with "Run as a different user."  Our security policies are that administrators use a separate administrative account to do anything beyond base user-level access.  These policies also preclude us loging into windows on our desktops with those accounts, to prevent inadvertent administrative access to unintended resources.

At this point, I'm stuck,and can't use SQL Doc (or SQL Dependency Tracker) at all.


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    The shortcut doesn't but the executable itself does if you shift right click it, honestly not looked into why yet but that should let you work around the issue


  • For me, on Windows 10, shift-right clicking on the C:\Program Files (x86)\Red Gate\SQL Doc 5\SQLDoc.exe gives me the run as a different user, it opens the Run as a differehnt user windows security prompt with the correct domain, and i input my correct user and pwd, then it opens a command prompt with a message that I can't read cause it goes away really quickly...
    SQLDoc v5.1.0.2241
    Wait, I was able to capture the command prompt text:
    Doc Command Line V5.1.0.2241
    Copyright c Red Gate Software Ltd 2020

    You are required to specify at least one of the following parameters: /project, /activateSerial, /deactivateSerial,
    Please use SQLDoc.exe /? or SQLDoc.exe /verbose /? for more information.
  • If you were intending to use the UI then RedGate.SQLDoc.UI.exe is the file you wanted.

  • Ooops, yep. works like a charm now!
    Thank you...
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