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Hello -- I am a DBA with developers trying to install SQL Test and it is failing. the developers do not have 'sa' level rights on the server and they are running into errors. The error they just gave me just says "User does not have permission to perform this action. You do not have permission to run the RECONFIGURE statement." I know in the past I've found documentation indicating how to install your software and required rights in order to install. However, I can't seem to find that for SQL Test. Perhaps I need to install it, then they can utilize it? Please help me get pointed in the right direction. 


  • Hi Mik3, 

    Linked below you can find the documentation for SQL Test: 

    SQL Test Documentation

    I will also see if I can find anything more specific for you. 


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    Martin -- Thank you... but I could not find the answer there. I did check there before I posted....and then checked again after your post to be sure I didn't miss anything.... but I can't find anything. They are stuck just trying to install the tool, and we do not allow sa/sysadmin SQL Server rights to developers... I need to know how to get around that so they can install it. I may have to grant them special rights, or I might have to install it myself first to instantiate certain objects/settings?  I've sene other RedGate tools have this broken out...just can't seem to find it here. Thank you.
  • describes the steps that SQL Test takes on installing the framework, which is the part which needs elevated permissions.

    You should be able to have someone with the appropriate permissions install the framework onto the database, after which the developers just need to be able to create and execute stored procedures and CLR in the appropriate schemas.
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