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SQL Search, Source Control, and Test Won't Install with SSMS 18.2

cginthercginther Posts: 1 New member
I have been trying to install these items, and no matter what I try, they fail.
I have uninstalled my entire toolbelt using Rivo, uninstalled SSMS, reinstalled SSMS, tried installing the toolbelt, and the same three items won't stick. Please advise.



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    Hi cginther, sorry to hear you are running into issues! 

    Could I ask you for the version of SSMS you are trying to install the tools on? And have you ever had them running in the past, or is this the first time you're installing them? If you have successfully used the tools in the past, was that on a different version of SSMS? 

    Sorry for the interrogation! If you are trying to get the tools installed on SSMS 18.2, and have had them running on a previous version I might have to ask you to do some juggling with installing and uninstalling SSMS and the tools. 

    In the meantime, though, you could try installing via the msi:
    1. Launch the installer by running it as administrator

    2. Once it loads, click on the Redgate icon at the top left of the installer and choose "Open temporary file folder"

    3. Open the folder of the tool that you are trying to install and locate the included .msi file

    4. Open a command prompt running as administrator and then run the following (note: you should install via the command--double clicking to run the .msi directly likely won't work):

       msiexec /i "c:\temporary\file\path\<Tool>\<msifile>.msi" /L*V "c:\logfile.log" ADDLOCAL=ALL
    5. If this installs without error, open the tool to confirm the install was successful. 
    Please let me know how you get on! 

    Kind Regards, 

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