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SSMS 18.2 with SQL Prompt 9.5 does not seem to work connecting to Azure SQL DB


We upgraded our version of SSMS and SQL Prompt but it has stopped working when connecting to an Azure SQL DB. We connect to Azure SQL using Azure Active Directory - Universal with MFA and looking at the logs it appears SQL Prompt is unable to log into the server because it is forming the"server" name wrong.

Please can somebody help?



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  • mediacomgdsmediacomgds Posts: 3 New member
    edited July 31, 2019 1:55PM
    Further to this I have attached a screenshot of the logs showing the failure.

    Edit: Just tested this with SSMS 17.4 and all works fine using SQL Prompt 9.5 so appears that this does not work in SSMS 18. Are you able to confirm?

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