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How to link existing Stored Proc to an existing source file in SQL Source Control and TFS?

I've an existing stored procedure and I made a minor modification on it using SSMS. I've hit an issue when checking-in due to policies. So instead of checking-in from SQL Source Control, I checked-out from the file from TFS using Visual Studio and directly modify the file and checked-in. The check-in was successful. But when I modify the stored procedure from SSMS and checkin again using SQL Source Control (with #ignorepolicies in the comment section this time), the change type is New and it created a new file. This is just example to illustrate the file being created (ExampleStoredProcName1.sql). There was a new file created with "1" suffix on it.

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    Pete_RuizPete_Ruiz Posts: 123 Silver 4

    Thanks for reaching out and sorry that you're having trouble with SQL Source Control. To confirm, you modified the object outside of SQL Source Control and then modified the same object in SQL Source Control? When you checked in the modification in Visual Studio, did you get the latest change in SQL Source Control. Did the tool see the difference? Also, what change did you make to the file?

    We don't recommend manually modifying the .sql scripts outside of SQL Source Control for this reason.

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    Pete Ruiz


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