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How to "ignore collation" in the scpf Filter


We use octopus deploy server to deploy software on our hosting enviroments. 
One of the steps is "Redgate - Deploy Database (type Run a Script) on Octopus Server", this is a standard Redgate step.

This step do an SQL compare with based on FIlter_deployment.scpf file. The compare is working, but we want to ignore collation. Now whe have some collation problems on synchronising the both database servers.

I do not know how I can ingore collation.

New-DatabaseReleaseArtifact, SQL Change Automation 3.3.19206.9626, Copyright Ac Red Gate Software Ltd 2014-2019
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: Parameters:
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: Source: imported.1.0 Database Package
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: Target: database 'Demo' on server 'x.x.x.x'
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: FilterPath: \\x.x.x.x\Database\Demo\db\state\Filter_Deployment.scpf
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: IgnoreStaticData: False
09:22:19 Info | VERBOSE: SQLCompareOptions: NoTransactions,IgnoreFillFactor, IgnoreTriggers
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: SQLDataCompareOptions: null
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: IgnoreAdditional: False
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: TransactionIsolationLevel: Serializable
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: IncludeIdenticalsInReport: False
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: AbortOnWarningLevel: None
09:22:20 Info | VERBOSE: IgnoreParserErrors: False

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    Andrew PAndrew P Posts: 194 Silver 3
    Hey Communited,

    Ignore Collations is a SQL Compare Option instead of a Filter - below is a screenshot of how you can add that to the deployment.

    Filters are for specific objects or object types - Options are for specific sql syntax. 

    Andrew Pierce
    Technical Sales Engineer
    Redgate Software


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