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SQL Prompt Column Picker greyed

SelliSelli Posts: 1 New member

I have a SQL Prompt License and I use the Management Studio SQL Server 18.
My problem is that the columns which are in one table, they doesn´t appears. 

For example:
FROM dbo.Example 

I expect that all columns, which are in dbo.Example will appear.
Instead nothing appears. The column picker is also greyed. I can only choose "All Suggestions" and there are my snippets ore other suggestions.

What can I do to fix the problem?

Thank you!

Sorry about my english! :)

Best regards,


  • Hi Selli,

    Can you confirm the full version of your SQL Prompt?

    You may need to refresh the suggestions from time to time. Please go to SQL Prompt->Refresh suggestions. Then please try again.

    The column picker is enabled once the table is selected. 
    Kind regards

    Tianjiao Li | Redgate Software
    Have you visited our Help Center?
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