Unmap All is missing

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Hopefully I'm wasting my time writing this because I've missed something obvious or this is a bug fix ready to go out with the next release....

multiple table unmapping should be available in the "remap objects" tab of the project configuration window.

For instance, I use data compare to look at the differences between only two tables in the same db. This is often done as one table vs a previous archived version of the same table.

To compare two such tables, I point the DB against itself and proceed to unmap every single table only to then map the two tables of interest. No surprise that in DBs with a large number of tables, this becomes very tedious, even sometimes causing me to mumble some derogatory rant about how it "should" work.

To perform this function easily, I would expect ONE of the following standard windows GUI approaches to be available:

1) Click "unmap All"
2) Click "Select All" and then click unmap
3) Use Shift-click to select multiple rows....
4) Last, and definately LEAST, select one row and start clicking unmap repeatedly until they are all gone. The typical result of individual clicks being one is removed and the next in the list is selected.

None of these standard approaches is appropriate for this window?

I'm really surprised you succeeded in somehow breaking #3 which I thought just came for free from not only the windows API, but every grid and listbox component I've ever worked with.

#4 should take a single line of code in the button click event to select the lowest remaining index item.

1 and 2 speak for themselves....

Pretty please?


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