SQL Search Search Option Greyed Out

I am trying to perform a SQL Search using SQL Search 3.2, but the box is greyed out to perform searches against database tables.  I am trying to figure out how to connect SQL Search to a particular database, but it cannot find this information.  Am I missing something here?  Please advise.



  • We are aware of this issue and are currently investigating the root cause.

    We've found that if you open the SQL Search tab before connecting to the database, the tool should work as expected.

    Can you try this and confirm this is the case on your end as well?

    Also, what version of SSMS are you using? So far, we've encountered this issue in SSMS 18.0 and 18.1.

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz
  • Hi @tspellen we're having a bit of trouble reproducing the issue. Are you still running into the problem with SQL Search?

    Also, did the given workaround help?

    Open the SQL Search tab before connecting to the database. Then connect to the database. Does anything change?

    Kind regards,

    Pete Ruiz

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