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Exporting/transferring alert details fro 3rd pary vendors

olivierpolivierp Posts: 7
edited February 18, 2009 1:00PM in SQL Monitor Previous Versions
We are tracking a 3rd party vendor database/application to help identify performance issues specific to our setup. SQL Response, even with a trial license, has already given us very useful information, with a rapid "response" time.

This 3rd party would definitely appreciate having direct acces to these findings. Is it possible to export alert details, e.g. for long running queries, into a text based format, or to an excel spreadsheet ? Or, as an alternative, can the repository sqlite database be moved to another server ?


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    Glad you have found that SQL Response has given you some useful information.
    I'm afraid there isn't export functionality in the current version of SQL Response. This is a feature we are planning for a future version however.

    A temporary workaround would be to ask your 3rd party vendor to install SQL Response and create an Alert Repository. You can then copy over the data files to the appropriate data directory on their server (e.g. C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Red Gate\SQL Response 1\Alert Repository).
    Helen Joyce
    SQL Backup Project Manager
    Red Gate Software
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