Cannot see Backup jobs created via GUI by other team members

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Hi all,

We have just set up and configured SQL Backup on a central server and one of my team members has created some backup jobs.  If I log onto the server and open the GUI, I cannot see any of those jobs.  I have found this link:

raised against version 6.5, back in 2011 and am wondering if having to copy the config file across user profiles is still the case or not?



  • Hi @jonesric,

    That forum post is regarding the servers that have been added to the UI rather than jobs for a specific SQL instance. 

    If your colleague has created a backup job on a SQL instance that is added to their version of the UI and you also have that SQL instance in your UI, then the jobs of that instance should appear in the jobs tab.;

    The information populated there is gathered from the server itself, it should populate all jobs backup or not:

    It may be that you have filtered the jobs from the Tools > Server Options > Server View Options menu.

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