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Objects do not displayed

lw1990lw1990 Posts: 2
edited February 20, 2009 5:52AM in SQL Dependency Tracker
I just started to use the Dependency Tracker 2.5. After I installed it, it's running OK. After I click Add Objects to Project, the Add Objects to Project dialog box is displayed, with a list of the SQL Server instances, but here is a problem. If I select different database, I'll get different display in Objects in Selected Database. Some database can be explored with Tables, Views, etc.. and select any of them, the Add Selection to Project button is enabled; Some database can not be explored, no extension under the database in Objects in Selected Database, and after I select the database, the Add Selection to Project button is unable to click.

Is anything I need to update in the database or the Dependency Tracker 2.5 has some bug?



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    I have the exact same problem. Some databases list all ojects, whereas others do not show any objects at all. I suspect it has someting to do with the database schema and permissions thereof - but am not sure. Thanks.
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