Any way to add custom descriptive fields to DB Document

SeanXSeanX Posts: 11 Bronze 2
I have been asked to generate a data dictionary for our database.  One of the requirements is recording the UI location of each visible field.  I can't see any way to do this in SQL Doc.  Am I missing something or is this not possible?


  • Can you elaborate a bit about recording the UI location of each visible field?
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  • SeanXSeanX Posts: 11 Bronze 2
    Say we have a field AccData.ClaimStatus.  This is shown in the Case Management tab of our apps.  So I want to display in the Data Dictionary the value "Case Management tab - Claims Status" in a column called "UI Location"
  • Unfortunately SQL Doc doesn't document any data. Please feel free to submit a feature request here
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    I had nearly a same problem, like SeanX. I wanted to document the "outer" connections of our database - which form uses which SP-s(?). Today I've installed the newest version of SQL Doc, and it WORKS nearly on that way, which was expected  earlier ;) 

    --!!!!! Feel free to copy this scripts: !!!!
    -- Adding own extended properties:
    -- Stored procedure
    EXEC sp_addextendedproperty 
    @name=N'ATHOS_usage', @value=N'Forms: main, syshealth', 
    @level0type=N'SCHEMA', @level0name=N'dbo', 
    @level1type'PROCEDURE', @level1name=N'API_ATHOS_warning',
    -- Table
    EXEC sys.sp_addextendedproperty 
    @name=N'ATHOS_usage', @value=N'Felhasználói felületen megjelenik' , 
    @level0type=N'SCHEMA', @level0name=N'dbo', 
    @level1type=N'TABLE', @level1name=N'almero'
    -- Column
    EXEC sys.sp_addextendedproperty 
    @name=N'ATHOS_usage', @value=N'Upper  connection point identifyer' , 
    @level0type=N'SCHEMA', @level0name=N'dbo', 
    @level1type=N'TABLE', @level1name=N'almero', 
    @level2type=N'COLUMN', @level2name=N'fomeropont_id'

    "ATHOS_usage" - optional extended property name, in this case from the SW name (ATHOS)
    "API_ATHOS_warning" - SP in our database
    "almero" - DB table 
    "fomeropont_id" DB field

    The result (screenshots of SqlDoc):

    I've only one little wish for Red-Gate folks: any time, in the next version of SqlDoc:
    - check the database for existing optional extended property names
    - allow to add - edit - delete on some points of SqlDoc surface this properties

    In the meantime, I congratulate you on this development, and I can live with the fact that these features I have to edit via Management Studio  :D

    Best regards: Richard Dragossy
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